We learn from biological systems and apply the knowledge gained to technical systems and vice versa. A number of domestic and exotic animal blood datasets are available and can be shared on request. Our rheometers are the MCR 301 and 302 (Anton Paar), and we are closely associated with the Austrian Society for Rheology (www.rheo.at; Ursula is the current president of the society).

We prefer to test aqueous suspensions or colloidal solutions in Taylor-Couette shear cells with double-gap (gap widths: 200 or 400 μm; 1.2 μL or 3.5 μL sample volume) to reduce the influence of surface tension on the reading (100 times larger surface for the contact of the sample to the measuring body than to air). If test surfaces need to be modified, we use plate-plate shear cells. Surfaces can be coated with biological and non-biological substances, or custom designed new plates can be printed.

We are always open for collaborations. Contact us and discuss with us!